Terms of Service

All pricing in USD (including .ca domains).

What Happens After You Purchase

Once payment has been verified, your new domain will be moved into an account that you control.

You will receive the login details to your account via email, typically within 24 hours.

All domain sales come with one free year of DNS hosting.

If you prefer to transfer the domain to another registrar:

  1. Unlock the domain in your account settings
  2. Obtain the transfer code or auth code
  3. Initiate the transfer at your registrar - enter the transfer code when they prompt for it
All sales are final.

Financing Terms

Once your first transaction processes, we will create an account where you can fully manage the domain DNS and email.

You will not be able to transfer the domain away until the final payment clears.

Missed Payment

If your payment method fails, you must rectify the payment method within 30 days.

If a failed payment is not rectified within 30 days and the subsequent payment fails, a default has occurred  and the financing program is canceled - all previous payments are forfeit

In the event of a default, the domain will be repossessed.

Contacting YourBrand.

By email: support [at] yourbrand [dot] ca

By postal mail:

4195 Dundas St West Suite 420
Toronto, ON
M8X 1Y2

By Telephone: